Friday, July 28, 2006

Happy Birthday to meeeeeeeeee!!!!

Yes, it has indeed been a year since I started posting to this blog. It seems almost like yesterday that I was a wee lad in short pants, dreaming of one day making daily posts to a blog, and having scores of fans hanging on to my every word, waiting for each witty pearl that I passed down.

Of course I have done no such thing. Tumbleweeds scurry across my page, and in the distance you can hear a screen door banging forlornly in the wind. What readers I once had have now gone on to better and brighter blogs. The sound of merriment no longer fills the room.

Too bad.

Well, since it's my birthday, I will tell everyone my birthday wishes.

  1. I wish that Anne Arkham's sister would make a miraculous recovery, and that she (Anne) would finally get a really cool job and start posting again.
  2. I wish that CheesburgerBrown would get some more books published, and that Oprah would tell everyone that he is the greatest living writer, hurtling him on towards multiple best-sellers. And I wish for his children to grow strong and happy and wanting nothing (although I have an idea that will be the case even without my intervention)
  3. I wish that Steven Spielberg would show up on Neilochka's doorstep, begging him to screenwrite his next project which then becomes the highest grossing movie ever. And that he and Sophie would get back together. (Yes, I'm a sap!)
  4. I wish for DeadpanAnn to get a job in a wonderful schools system and that decades from now, she and Tim are swamped by mail and calls from her past students telling her how none of their successes could have been possible without her guidance.
  5. I wish that 1-2-3/Grumpy Teacher/Derek would finally get laid, and by a cute, smart girl!
  6. I wish that TC Byrd would start writing again, so I could keep up to date on what's going on in Hattiesburg. And I wish for her pending nuptials to go flawlessly - even if she wears Doctor Martens.
  7. I wish that Hillbilly Mom will enjoy her new home, for the sake of gummi Mary and all that is holy!

So let it be written... So let it be done!


At 28/7/06 11:45, Anonymous Neil said...

All the best on this happy occasion!

At 29/7/06 19:09, Blogger Lisa said...

Happy Belated Birthday.

Thanks for the good wishes.

Oh, there weren't any.

Your reader base probably declines from a lack of appreciation.


At 30/7/06 07:53, Blogger Mr Bates said...

I stand chastened.

At 30/7/06 10:52, Blogger Lisa said...

I stand satisfied.

At 7/8/06 12:42, Blogger Lisa said...

Ok...quit pouting....

Update already!


At 24/8/06 23:42, Blogger Lisa said...

hmmmm....have you died?
Or gotten married?

I keep having this eerie feeling ike I need to send flowers....


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