Wednesday, June 28, 2006

He's leaving home... bye...bye...

I will be leaving you. (But I'm not meeting a man in the motor trade!)

Dry your eyes. It's only for 10 days. I’m taking my girlfriend on a journey. And it’s not like I’ve been posting a lot, anyway. (I haven’t had anything to bitch about lately, and even less after reading this great post…)

Anyway, we will leave home around 5:30AM on Thursday and proceed to Dallas. While there, we will do some shopping at the Galleria and Northpark. (She deserves this for being such a good sport about what she will have to endure over the next several days!)

Friday, more stuff in Dallas and then on to Oklahoma City. Visit the Memorial. Get a hotel. Drive around and take pictures at night.

Saturday, west on Route 66 towards Albuquerque. With stops in Clinton, OK at the Route 66 museum and Amarillo at the Cadillac Ranch.

Sunday – west on 66. Stops in Winslow, AZ (Meteor Crater), Joseph City (Jackrabbit Trading Post), Seligman and Kingman. Turning north on 93, crossing the Hoover Dam and the checking into a suite on The Strip for 3 nights.

Monday/Tuesday – Death Valley, Mojave Desert, Baker, Amboy and riding through the desert under the stars. And fireworks.

Wednesday – Back on 66 to Williams, up to the Grand Canyon, then on to Flagstaff

Thursday – back through Albuquerque and spend the night in Tucumcari

Friday – back to Dallas

Saturday – home

Sunday – decompress

For those of you keeping score:
Day 1 – 427 miles
Day 2 – 205 miles
Day 3 – 551 miles
Day 4 – 574 miles
Day 5/6 – 500+ miles
Day 7 – 352 miles
Day 8 – 497 miles
Day 9 – 478 miles
Day 10 – 427 miles

Take care, and I’ll let you know when I get back…


At 28/6/06 16:23, Blogger Lisa said...

Since I hate to ride in a car for long periods of time that sounds absolutely miserable. Which makes me very glad I'm not your girlfriend. But probably not nearly as glad as you and your girlfriend are.

So when your driving out of OKC on route 66 (which is 39th street to me) give me a wave. You'll be passing by about 23 blocks from me. :-)

Have fun!!!

hmmmm.....that's kind of may be having sex in a hotel in my town.

Oh couldn't care less.

At 1/7/06 09:04, Blogger Cheeseburger Brown said...

Drive safe.

Remember to stop and look around or you'll miss the smells. Without the smells to anchor the memories you're forget a lot of the trip in a couple of decades.

Take extra gas in a portable container. You never know.



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