Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Fun at the office.

The company recently sprung for me to get a new superbad PC (and I am indeed grateful) that is now running XP. My old box was running 2000, if you care. We use Office 2003, and Outlook is our mail client. Although there will not be a test, this will be important later.

For Valentine’s Day, I bought my significant other a large gift certificate to Victoria’s Secret. If I had readers, I would expect some females to be offended by the previous statement, and yet others would be thinking what a wonderful lad I was. She is in the second category. Much to my delight, I might add.

So Monday night, she asked me to go with her to Victoria’s to look at/buy stuff. Woohoo! Well, needless to say the local VS stores have a limited supply of stuff. Is it because we are in the so-called “Bible Belt”? Is it because our market area is not very populous so they decided not to build big stores? I have no clue. But our search yielded a cute pair of pajama pants and a couple of try-ons that thrilled me no end! Otherwise, there was surprisingly little stuff that she liked AND that fit AND was the correct color.

Yesterday, she sent me a link to the VS website selection with the heading “Do you like any of these?” I was unable to peruse then, so this morning I checked them out during my first cup of coffee. (I must say here that I love this woman more than life itself, and she’s got one helluva a great attitude. I certainly don’t deserve anyone that treats me the way she does, but I’m going to enjoy it until she comes to her senses!!!!!) So I sent back a couple of choices, along with some jokingly bawdy comments about how I thought she would look and the outcome of wearing these in front of me etc… You know - guy stuff! Then about an hour later, she sends another message. The subject line of this message is equally jokingly bawdy - “Just how bad do you want me?” and there are 3 links to some more VS items at the top of the page. (I should also point out here that my New Mail notification is Homer Simpson saying “WooHoo!”)

Unfortunately, 30 minutes prior to this, I started moderating a Net Meeting with some folks at my company and one of our sister companies. Since I was the “leader”, I had my desktop shared. You would think that since I keep my Outlook client minimized, we would be safe – just a “WooHoo!” and a mail icon popping up. But as you Outlook users know, a new feature of Outlook 2003 is the little blue ghost box that pops up above the systray with the email icon, Sender’s Name, Subject line and the first 50 or so characters of the message body. It hovers there for a few seconds and then sort of fades away.

I am now a legend, and they think my girlfriend’s a slut!


At 22/3/06 20:39, Anonymous Neil said...

Frankly, I see a promotion in your future.

At 23/3/06 11:29, Blogger Mr Bates said...

One would think. But our new CEO is a woman. I will be cleaning toilets presently...


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